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Learn, Read and Watch 1:1
a World of Things

Discover a universe of over 10,000 books and videos, each guided with a personal AI tutor.


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A universe of Topics
Whatch out, Dinosaaauuurs!

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And much more!

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A Revolution in Kids Education.
Learn, with a Personal Teacher.


Fuel Curiosity, without limits.

Meet our AI tutor, transforming each book into an interactive learning quest. It prompts curiosity with questions, shares fun facts, and answers your child's queries. Each reading session becomes an unforgettable, enriching adventure.


World-Class Books & Videos
at your Fingertips

With partnerships across 30+ leading international publishers, we bring the best books to life with our pioneering AI technology.

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Patient, Smart & Accessible
What a Teacher!

Reads Aloud Books

Our Read Aloud feature boosts comprehension and pronunciation by turning text into engaging auditory stories, enriching your child's learning experience.

Interactive Narrative

With our Interactive Narrative, the AI tutor engages in dialogues, answering questions and stimulating insights. It's like a personal coach, making learning lively and effective.

Personalized Content

With Personalized Content, the Tutor matches books and videos to your child's skills and interests, ensuring a consistently engaging and productive learning journey.

Imagine Personalized Education, Accessible to all Families

One-on-one tutoring can help a child learn a lot, but it's often too expensive. We've made reading & learning tutoring, available to all kids in the world.

For kids under 12 years old

Usophy Kids was designed with children under 12 in mind. We strive to create a safe, engaging and educational environment where children can develop a love of reading and a curiosity about the world around them. But it's not just kids who benefit from Usophy Kids; parents and educators can also leverage our platform to encourage the habit of reading and facilitate interactive learning.

To improve the love of reading and learning

We envision a future where every child, regardless of their background or abilities, has access to the resources they need to develop their critical thinking skills and imagination.
We see a world where reading is not just a means of gaining knowledge, but a journey of personal discovery that inspires a love of learning and fuels curiosity.

Technology at the service of learning

We want to bring the magic of books to every child, combining the timeless charm of reading with the infinite potential of artificial intelligence.
For us, every book is an open door to a new world, and we believe that every child should have the key to open it.

Backed by the best
VCs & Investors

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Accessible for Families
Free for Schools


Create and manage kid profiles

Follow their progress: check out what they’re reading and for how long, plus get weekly updates

Read anywhere, anytime

Schools & Educators

Reach every student with tons of grade-specific across languages and genres.

Feed curiosity with high-interest topics

Bring lessons to life with easy assigning & sharing

Educators & Families
+250 Schools can’t wait, and You?

Principal Smith, Bright Futures Academy

We're eagerly awaiting the launch of Usophy Kids. This unique AI-tutor concept is set to bring a fresh wave of innovation to children's education. We believe it could transform how we teach and how our students learn.

Mrs. Evans, Starlight Elementary School

We believe Usophy Kids will redefine how we encourage our pupils to engage with books and enhance their learning process.

Dr. Harrison, Future Minds Academy.

AI in education needs careful handling, but its potential is immense. We trust Usophy Kids, with their experience, to integrate this technology effectively and safely.